Intra-State Entertainment
Wireless elegant up-lighting and other customized lighting options available!

Custom Monograms:  Imagine your names, or initials, and your wedding date shining with elegance on the center of your dance floor or on a wall for everyone to see.  We use a high powered L.E.D. light and monograms are lazer engraved for a quality projection.  Custom wedding monograms are a simple,yet elegant touch that can add a whole new level of personalization to the design of your wedding or special event.


edding Ceremony Packages:

Intra-State Entertainment has the experience and the ability to accommodate all of the audio needs for your wedding ceremony.  They can take care of the background music while guests arrive, are seated, processional, and recessional.  We also can provide microphones for the officiate, readers, or singers.

Video Projection:
Adding Video Projection is a very popular feature we offer.  This could be used for projecting a memories slideshow.  Also popular at various parties to project karaoke, guitar hero, and/or music videos.  We use an 8' x 8' projection screen and a bright projector where the lights only need to be dimmed slightly for optimal viewing.  This is an exciting addition you and your guests will TRULY enjoy!

Karaoke: Karaoke can be projected onto a HUGE 8ft screen.  We do not recommend Karaoke for wedding receptions.